Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Beginning of an Internet Novel

I think its time to show you what goes on in my mind now that you think you know how my mind works. I have been planning to present an Internet novel for your reading pleasure. It will no contain any sex. I am not writing for Penthouse or Hustler and if I was, I would probably be a millionaire now. I enjoy scifi because that's what I do best. I don't know how long it is going to take me to finish because the thoughts are still forming in my tiny duke head. Yeah, you heard that one before. So, sit back and put your scifi cap on and enjoy my presentation.

I will give you a basic backdrop before I start the novel. This should be your reference for the main characters and what the premise of the story is about. Please do not copy this because it is copyright protected and I will have my lawyer team give you a visit. I am serious about that, so please don't test me.

The story takes place on a long haul space freighter in transit to the Spider Queen planet in the Gaelexia galaxy. The galaxy is powered by a massive gas giant create most of the solar energy for a host of eighteen inhabited planets. The Spider Queen is the fifth planet in the system and is only accessible by going through a gas nebula a least 15 to 18 parsecs depending on the time of the planets rotation. Currently, all planets are colonized with humanoids from various planets through out the systems. No aliens exist as of yet but that can change as the colonies start expanding.

The freighters name is Gersemi, and it makes it runs hauling equipment and medical supplies to the various colonies. It is a free freighter as it is owned by it's captain. She won the ship from a Ventarian merchant when he ran short and cash to pay off Zeronian pirates. The ship is in constant need of repair and the crew is sparse but can usually take care of most of the ships needs. Another source of income for private freighters is the local smuggling of desired but illegal items including drugs, rare items, and illegal contraband. It is not uncommon for ships to be boarded by the Zertes police force, a galactic force steeped in corruption and known to work with Zeronian pirates. The ship has no weapons other that those the crew carries for personal safety.

The captain is Derces Reydra, a descendant of Earth but now resides in the Omega galaxy on the colonized planet Vortesa.

The navigator is Daymar Gotetma. He comes from a long line of Ventarian navigators and is highly knowledgeable about the various star systems throughout the galaxies. He is an expert at skip jumping, a process of sling shooting a ship from star system to star system with precise navigation. He respects his captain but sometimes questions her judgement of freight choices.

Zester is the ships maintenance chief and know one knows this class of freighter better than he does. Not much is known about his background and he keeps to himself.

Oh, my name is Forseti Byrman and I am the freight chief, I make sure everything is stored in it's proper place. I know all the hiding places on the ship and even some the captain doesn't know about. I was an officer during the battle for Ventaria, the Ventarian home planet and was responsible for getting Daymar hired as part of the crew, he was a rebel in the cause and literally save my life in a heavy conflict with opposing forces.

So, you met some of the crew and got a basic run down of what is going on. The story is being told from the point of view of the freighter chief and will switch points of view based on the characters involved. You might find that there are stories within stories so you will have to keep up with what is going on. So are you game for this? Well, don't sit there, start typing. Tell me what you think. Chapter one starts this week so keep a lookout for when it posts.


libby said...

wow, i'll definitely read it, bu sci-fi or space & i don't get along really well...but, since you're a friend...

Shiny Rod said...

I am going to keep the tech speak and techno babble to a minimum. The basis is that this takes place in the future and the situations will be the expository not the science. More like what Rod Serling would have wrote. He is one of my favorite authors.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Very interesting. I'll be looking forward to reading the story unfold!

Anonymous said...

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