Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Amazonian Beauty (Dedicated To All Strong Women)

I met my good friend Yust Lundgren when I was stationed onboard the USS Peleliu. We shared a friendship with another good friend Patrick Duffy whom passed some years ago. We all enjoyed our time in the Navy and as we took on different duty stations, we drifted apart. Earlier this year, I reconnected with my dear friend and we have since been communicating via Facebook on a regular basis. Yust is one of the most beautiful people I have ever known and I respect his counsel and wisdom regardless of his life style choices. He was the driving force for me sharing some of my past with you. Yust wrote the following poem and I thought it was so indicative of some of my dearest online friends who visit my blog. So I share this song to all the beautiful women I have met online and even those I have not had the privilege to know. Remember, I did not write this, I am only sharing it with you so please don't read any more into it than it being a beautiful poem. Feel free to express your feelings about the poem in the comments section.

Amazonian Beauty (Dedicated To All Strong Women)
Oh woman of Amazonian beauty,

Those breasts are ripe for me,

You have the heart of Joan,

Sister of the fire,

You are Venus by the sea,

Your neck I kiss with passion,

You crush me so divine,

I wrap my arms around you,

Working you in Braille,

Giant with luscious lips ready in full bloom,

Hot with the taste of desire,

It is I who now must swoon,

Carry me beside the fire,

My goddess beauty in the flesh,

Ravage me til dawn,

It's so nice to have a strong woman,

To take this gentle man,

Take me in the wood!

Roll me in the sand!

You being the strong one,

Makes me no less the man,

Spirits of the wood do sing,

Drums beating, hand to hand,

With unsaid incantation,

Drive me to ecstasy, so grand,

Yes my giant of a woman,

You are the one for me,

As we dance round the fire,

It's sublime, so heavenly,

Spirits of the night we are,

Flying over flame and embers,

Passionate souls do burn in flight,

Love me powerfully, tender,

To you my will surrendered

Take me in your arms,

This beautiful Starwood night,

I'll remember you for the rest of my life....

The Faery King 2002

The Gossamer Project

Some of The Faery King's recorded work with Jo Ball on Cello including this poem


kenju said...

"You being the strong one,

Makes me no less the man....."

Not many men feel that way.

Shiny Rod said...

I say that the strength of a man is not in his ability to move mountains but in the woman that guides him.

Anonymous said...

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