Saturday, August 8, 2009

Lists - Ten things that make you mad.

Self I had to think long and hard for this one but I was able to come up with ten things that just torque my bits. It's things like this that just make me want to go up the person and either beat the crap out of them or give them a good shaking and tell them, what the hell were you thinking. So here's my list from the least to the most nerving:

  1. Tail tats - Now some can right out sexy but if they had to reorder more ink to get the tat finished, you should not have gotten it in the first place. Beside, if this is the only way a guy can remember your name, you got some problems. This one didn't bother me as much since I don't know any woman with a tail tat.
  2. Low rise jeans and belly button piercing - I don't really want to know you had a Brazilian and even though the piercing may be cute, I do find it quite over the top when it comes to self expression. Beside, I do not want to be focused on that part of the female anatomy. If you are not fit, it is a real big turnoff for me. Nothing worse than biscuit rolls falling over the side of your jeans.
  3. Hipster mothers - I don't have to go into long details on this one but if you dress like your teenage daughter, well, just don't. It just sets my bells and whistles off.
  4. Pants hanging half off the butt - If I could make a citizens arrest for indecent exposure. I would have everyone of them behind bars so they could experience what it is like to not be able to wear a belt. This is just outright gross fashion statement if you want to call it that for any race.
  5. Door knobs in the ear - Guys, this is just disgusting and self degrading. If you want to get anywhere in the corporate world, well, it just ain't gonna happen with those eye blinding pieces of glass hanging off your ears. Even if you could afford the real things, it just ain't right in my book for men to have earrings.
  6. Wife beater tee shirts - The name itself just evokes a full body quiver. I don't like the name and I don't care that it is related to an article of clothing.
  7. Ebonics - When I pull up to the drive up window, I want to understand every word you are saying. If I can take the time to learn how to speak and verbalize in a coherent manor, then I think that everyone else who wants to communicate with me should do the same. Don't speak to me in a dialect I don't want to understand and I won't speak to you in tongues, OK? Yes, I can. I was not an agonistic all my life and we're not going to go into that right now. Email me on FaceBook if you want an answer.
  8. Texting in public venues - This just sends me into a funk cloud when I am trying to watch a movie or enjoy a concert and folks clicking keys at light speed to send messages back and fourth. Give it a rest and save it for after the movie or concert, please?
  9. Cellphones while driving - Unless and I mean unless you have hands free, don't drive while using your cell phone. I bought my vehicle especially because it had a hands free option. I look at the crash statistics and it is just sad to read the number of accidents and lives lost because people lost their attention due to cell phone use when driving and that includes texting.
  10. This is the one you've been waiting for, the ultimate thing that pisses me off the most. Well here it is. Me! Oh what were you expecting, some political figure or stupid idiot out there. Hell no, it's me. I'm pissed off because I should not be pissed at what other people do. I just don't have control over it. What I do have control over is me and it is about time I started doing just that. I mean what better place to start changing the world by changing yourself. If your perspective is skewed and you want to blame something, start with yourself. How can I remove the splinter in my brothers eye when I have a log in my own eye.
So, I gave you my list of 10, tell me about yours, maybe together we can start a trend a get some of these things that just piss us off out in the open and try to resolve them. BTW, I will be starting my online novel soon so stay tuned for details on the subject. Well, get busy, I want those lists. Don't let me have to come looking for you...


The Dish said...

-Women who let men run their lives and treat them like shit and then have the nerve to bitch about it.

-People who do not take care of their children.

-Welfare Riders

And I have to agree with the Ebonics. Pisses me off. Oh, and Dave Matthews fans. And that is just off the top of my head. ;)

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I would probably blow your comments section to bits if I posted the things that piss me off. The list is a mile long.

BUT, I am one of those moms who wears low rise jeans (no belly button piercing). I just prefer the fit and at 120 lbs and 5 foot 9, I don't think I have muffin top issues (I also do wear longer tops that cover the top portion of the pants).

kenju said...

I can vouch for ETW - she does not have muffin tops. I, however, do. It sickens me.

I agree with most of your list, and the only thing I can think of now is people who are hypocrites with regard to religion. I refer to people who profess to be religions/spiritual/believers and then act in ways contrary to that.

Shiny Rod said...

ETW and Kenju - you are both right. On the right woman, it works great. But most of the ones I see should not have gone their. I know EWT doesn't have muffin tops so she is exempt. Kenju, I know you would look great in anything so you are exempt too. All giving respects to your hubbies, they have some great women in there lives. I hope they respect that. I couldn't agree with you more on the religious aspect. It pisses me of to no end when people think they are religious and don't know what they are talking about. But I will leave that alone. I grew up in a christian household but I am agnostic because of organized religion. I hate it when people try to front their beliefs on other people and that why I stood up for Brynhildr when she had her bout with the bible thumpers. It really pissed me off that people would go to that extent to make a point. So enough of me ranting about the fake christians. You both have been solid supporters and I love you both for that. Keep doing what you do and I will always be there for you.

Warped Mind of Ron said...

Oh God... There goes my idea of the tail tat I was gonna get and I promise to not where the low rise jeans anymore :)

I'll have to put together a list and for some reason I don't think it will be that hard to come up with 10 things that annoy me.

fattie20xl said...

... i like muffin tops... and belly button piercings.

i'm a chubby chaser.