Monday, July 12, 2010

A typical morning...

His left foot hit the cold hardwood floor. He hadn't quite woke up but he knew it was inevitable. He looked over at the clock, its red neon glow searing his vision with its constant blinking. He could just barely make out a tell tale glimmer of light coming from behind the dark curtains. His other foot hit the floor. He grumbled slightly as if to pick himself up and started to rock forward to place enough momentum to get himself on his feet but only ended back on the bed. This was not going to be an easy way to start the day he thought in his mind.

As he peered behind, he heard her shuffle about and then she was silent again. He asked, "Did I wake you?" No response came from the bed. He stated quietly, "I am going for a short jog before I get ready for work, do you want to come with me?" Still no response. He rocked himself forward again and shuffled slowly into the closet and pulled out his jogging suit. A quick change out of his pajama bottoms and he leaned over to slip on and lace up his running shoes. He peered around the door and quietly spoke, "This is your last chance!" No movement came from the bed at all.

He walked towards the door and picked up his keys. He looked towards the bedroom but still no reply. He thought to himself, this is not her usual reaction but he dismissed the thought and opened the door. A quick peer back, then he shock his head and took off down the driveway.

The first light of the new day started to lift the dark cover off the trees. He would have rather stayed in bed but he knew that this was the best thing for him. Many mornings, she would be there right by his side without a moments notice but this wasn't the norm and he knew that something could be wrong. Why had she abandoned me this morning was the thought that raced around his head?

As he ran by the park, he stopped for a moment to check his heart rate. Hmmm, 120bpm, not bad for a good solid run. He continued his morning quest. The birds were chirping exceptionally loud, the morning was temperately cool for this time of year and he had not really noticed that there was a slight mist rising off the water as he ran past the pond.

As he came back to his driveway, he looked at the window to see if there was any activity. Nothing, he was a bit concerned but it wasn't as though he had been gone all day. As he opened the door, the smell of the morning coffee wafted through the air. He starred at the bedroom door now a bit longer but still nothing. Maybe she was already up and ready for the day he thought. He kicks off his running shoes into the closet and shed his jogging suit tossing it into the laundry hamper. As he peered towards the bed, she rolled over, stretched her legs out and then curled back into a ball. He thought to himself, well she sure has gotten lazy.

He walked into the shower and started his daily ritual, shave; shower, brush teeth, comb hair, etc, the usual morning routine. He slipped on his clothes with not much of a stir and sat on the edge of the bed to adjust his tie. She rolled back over and for a moment, he could see her eyes open and look at him. Somewhat of a smile came on her face and then she rolled back over. He said to her, "Not gonna get much done laying in the bed all day, you think you may want to get up and get some breakfast before I leave?" She only twitched her leg and let out a annoying yawn. "Well, have it your way but I got to get off to work."

He went into the kitchen, opened the refrigerator and pulls out a container of cream and placed it on the counter. The coffee was ready and he reached into the cabinet and pulls one of the travel mugs from the shelf. He rinsed it out and then poured the hot coffee into the mug and cream and sugar and then stirred the mixture. After a minute or two of digging through the cabinet drawer, he placed the lid on the mug and then started heading for the door. He looked for his keys but they were not where he kept them. Aha! He remembered he had gone jogging earlier. That's where they are. He went back into the bedroom and opened the hamper and reached into the pocket of his jogging suit and pulled out the keys.

He looked back on the bed and jiggled his keys. She quickly sprang up as if he had doused her with a bucket of cold water and looked at him with surprising intent. He said to her, "If that was all it took, I could have had you up a long time ago!" She sauntered sheepishly towards him looking into his eyes. Her glared was infectious and he knew at that moment things would be a little different. He said to her, "Ok, no more late nights at work. I'll be home early and maybe we can take a walk through the park."

She literally leaped into his arms and kissed him on the chin. He said, "Ok, ok, now stop before you wrinkle my clothes and then I'll have to change." She sat on the edge of the bed and gazed at him as he walked out the room and down the hall. When he had reached the front door, she leaped from the bed like an Olympic diver and ran to the door. He said to her, "The maid will be here soon so don't make a mess; you know how she complains when you start pulling things out and leaving them everywhere." He reached down and gave her an affirming pat on the head and she calmly sat down. He said to her, "You are such a good dog, that's my girl." He closed and locked the door, got into his car and he was gone. She sat in the window looking.