Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Ok, it was bait. I know, I haven't written anything in over a month. These two classes are dogging my writing skills but The heavy duty stuff is done. Just got the finals to do and I have all classes completed for my concentration. All classes after this are electives so I need to find three basket weaving 101 classes so I can get my degree. Oh baby!!!

Anyhoodle! The computer forensics class now gives me the skills and knowledge to break into anyones computer without them knowing it. Scary? Oh, don't be. I don't flaunt my skills, besides, I'm a project manager not technical support. But don't test me, I can. Oh, and the security policy class tells me why I shouldn't so feel safe that your computer will never be exploited by me. Or has it? Hmmm!

Lately, I've been having to deal with a question of what to do next? My school financial aid informs me that because I only have two more quarters to go, they have to prorate my financial aid which means I have to pay the difference. That comes to about $450 out of pocket per quarter plus I have to pay for my books. One suggestion was that I take three classes at the local community college and then take my senior seminar. Doh! I still have to pay for that class dummies and with no financial aid, why bother. The whole situation sucks big time but I know it will work itself out. I just hate the fact that I have $1500 standing between me and graduation.

The puppet shows are completed and I have injested them to the local public TV station's server. They broadcast the first sunday in January 2010. I have not gotten the final nod on the time slot but I will post snipets in my next blog post so stop by and catch the taste. I also have a snipet posted on my FB page so if you are my friend, you can stop in and check it out. It's a rough cut and hasn't been edited so don't look for perfection. I will also be posting the commercial spot for the show today so look for that later.

So this is the point where I leave you with a thought. We do not retreat from reality, we rediscover it. What reality have you rediscovered?