Thursday, April 14, 2011

In my own words, well, it's been real busy

I know it has been a better part of a year that I last posted something and I have been aiming to get back at it but my aim has been off lately. They say as you increase in job responsibilities, your time management needs to be equally adjusted. What can I say? Ack!!! Well, putting that aside, I thought I would at least throw something out there to get the ball rolling again.

I've had mixed feelings about where my life was headed and still haven't been able to put my finger on where I want to be in the upcoming months, years, etc. My mind keeps telling me to keep a job search campaign going but just more focused. My heart says this is a good place to be right now so just ride it out. I can never get those two to agree on anything.

Since graduating from college last year, my job is starting to hand me more intensely focused projects. Not the stuff that has everyone talking about at the water cooler, but still, when the projects are completed, nobody complains that I didn't make their jobs a bit more easier. I like it like that. People who seek to be in the high profile are looking for agendas. My agenda is simple. Make money, go home and relax. Not to difficult a task there.

Let me tell you, nothing gets any easier at 53. No sir buddy. I still worry. My health, finances, retirement. This past year hasn't been easy on any of them. The general consensus is all three is slowly coming to a head. Well, in at least another 15 or so years. Wow, I'll be hittin 70 by the time I retire. Maybe that's what scares me more about getting old. What I deal with today is peanuts.

I have a real good story brewing about a certain application vendor that's turning out to be a really interesting experience. Yet, trying my patience in the midst of it all. I'll tell you about it later.

Oh, my knee? It has good days and a bad one here and there. Mainly when I over do it walking Ginger. And yes, she is doing great. She has a doctors' appointment Monday and she is anxious to get it over and done. She's not to fond of the fecal exam. I was at the park the other day and there were a few younger kids, that's anyone younger than 30 to me, who had a pit bulls. A couple where overly diligent in finding out if Ginger would pass the sniff test. Needless to say, she wasn't having any of it and they each received a vicious growl to hammer in the pointed part of her argument. They each backed away and let her go about her business. She has no qualms in letting other dogs know when she has had enough.

Well friends, it's getting late and my eyelids are drooping so I am gonna watch some TV and drift off to sleep. Maybe some public television before Congress shuts it down for good. Cheers!!!