Monday, October 26, 2009

Oktoberfest and all that comes with it...

I found myself getting bored sitting at home wallowing in self absorption and duress. I went to a luncheon Friday with some of my good friends from the US Postal Service and enjoyed some great camaraderie and libations. Several of my good friends are retiring or thinking serious about it but I digress, it is not a reality for me at this time. During the luncheon, it was mentioned that my friend Randy was attending the Oktoberfest in Wake Forest and he invited me to come by. Anyhoodle...

It was around 2:30 when I drove by place and despite the light drizzle, things seem to be in full blossom and I could see several people, mainly families, headed into the festivities. With the Oompa music blaring from the inner sanctum, several teens where waving me to come on in. I slowed for a minute but then remembered that I need to stop and get some money for admission, food and drinks. So I proceeded to the nearest bank machine which eventually ended me up a WalMart. I unfortunately left my camera phone charging in my Jeep so I didn't get any good shots and boy, there were a few good picks to chose from.

It was close to 3:00 when I got back to the festivities and a light rain had just started. First thing I see is a small Bichon Frise running towards me. The cute little dog stopped right at my feet and looked up. When I looked up to see who the owner was, I recognized she was an acquaintance's wife. Even though I didn't know the dog, it acted as if it knew me and I picked the dog up and handed it to the Joe Seay's wife. She looked at me and said, "I know you! Weren't you at the luncheon yesterday?" I replied with a strong yes as I handed the dog over to her. "She got away and wouldn't come back. I'm glad she stopped when she saw you." She exclaimed. We both walked inside and I paid my three dollar admission fee and went to the beverage table and paid $10 dollars for a commemartive 18 ounce mug that include the "first" fill.

I scanned the entire area and was surprised to see so many folk enjoying a rich German culture. The music filled the room with a joy vient aire. Polkas are always so energetic and bright. In one corner was the live band pounding away as folk danced to the music. In the center where several rows of tables with people sitting and eating and drinking and making a manner of chatter. Even a few folk in lederhosen. The food and beer where nestled together in the corner opposite to the band on the other side of the room. The food tables was loaded with brats and sauerkraut, perogies, German potato salad, corn dogs (Is that German?) and caramel apples. Not a bad feast offering. The beer cart had Sam Adams, Aviator and Budweiser. I went for the Sam Adams Oktoberfest.

Several beers and plate of brats and potato salad later, I found myself being called up for a contest. Little did I know that this was a loaded contest. Six men were called to the stage, one would leave a victor. The competition was fierce and I was but a light weight in the crowd. Randy surely had this one sewed up. On top of that, he was the beer meister for the event. The votes were based on audience participation. The cheers were seemingly pointing to Randy as the hostess called for audience response. The other gents were eliminated and it was clear that the contest was between Randy and I. Another call went out and the audience agreed, the crown went to...

Oh, why would I give that away, hmm! Hold you in suspense or spill the beans. What a tough decision to make. Oh, I couldn' t do that to my loyal readers. Besides, you probably guessed the outcome, Randy won. Aha! Randy is in the picture on the left. I got you, I have the crown. A write up in the local paper, a bottle of German Spiced wine, two more beer mugs, a T-shirt and four free passes to next years festivities where I get to defend my crown. Aufedersein! Work here is done. I'm needed elsewhere now. I'm needed wherever outlaws rule the West, wherever innocent women and children are afraid to walk the streets, wherever a man cannot live in simple dignity, wherever a people cry out for justice.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

You missed me, didn't you?

I know, you haven't heard a peep from me in so long. The past few weeks have been rather busy for me and my brain, well it just ain't been it's usual productive self for quite some time. I managed to end up with a "B" in one of my classes and it shook me a bit. A "B" what the? Seriously, I did not "feel" any of this last quarter. To many emotional elements and out right craziness going on.

Gladly, things have settled down a bit and I have a lot more clarity on the direction of things to come. It's tough when you hit that life changing age (you know, mid life crisis) and the inner child wants to get out and frolic. No, I am not looking at buying a sports car or trying to recapture my youthful days. I rather like where I am at. Yes, I would like some things to change but I have to look at the realistic value of things.

One, I ain't getting any younger. Am I? I mean, I feel now like I should have felt when I was 30 somethin'. Coming out of a reclusive existence was not easy. A whole lot of things have changed and then, have they? Maybe I am expecting to much of myself and I should just sit at home and grow old. Needless to say, I am looking forward to making some more changes in the way I do things over the next few months.

So, this last quarter is the wrap-up of the classes I need for my concentration. After that, I have three more classes of my choosing. Always good to save a few electives for the end. Other than that, I surprised myself by adding a few community TV production classes to the mix. Most are one day, evening type seminars. I need them so I can do community TV for this business I am working with. Yeah, it has a lot to do with some of the work I am doing with Hip Hop Wall Street. I also plan to be adding some kids programming to it with some puppet shows.

I started reading a Nora Roberts novel a couple weeks ago. I had never contemplated reading a romance novel but I do remember reading a couple Jacqueline Susann novels when I was much younger. Like, how many of you have read Valley of the Dolls before age 13. Or, have read any Xaviera Hollander or the Last Tango in Paris? Yeah, that's why. Any hoodle, I almost forgot how much I like the way a story is told in book form. You get to envision the story in your mind and you almost get carried away into the writers world. Not a bad place to be sometimes. I needed to get my head out of the technical stuff. It works fine for the job but doesn't do anything for the reality of life.

I had some other things that were on my mind but they are not that important or they just don't matter any more. I can take things a lot better than when I was a lot younger. So, I'm rambling on about this and that with no coherent point to my reasoning. One day, all this will make sense. What I'm doing now. What I did. What I will be doing. It all has purpose. Part of my sinister plot to get...Heh! I'm not gonna give that away. Not yet!!! Y'all be sweet for now. I'll holla back at you later.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Monday's Leftovers, thanks Christine and Ron...

Cut and paste the questions onto your blog and let me know if you played.

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Her pimp told her to.

What was your last thought?

When will my computer be done so I can leave work?

Are you a cat or a dog person?


Define yourself in 3 words...

Witty, intelligent, practical.

Kill the spider or let it out?

Depends on the spider.

Do you shower every single day?

Yes, sometime two or three times.

Walking past a beggar, spare change or ignore?

Depends on how I feel and if I have change in my pocket.

Where do you want to travel next?


What is your favorite food?

For now, salads.

Do you read harry potter books?

No, I just wait for the movie.

What is your favorite place?


If you could have one super human power what would you choose?


Have you had a beer in the last week?


Vitamin Water or Gatorade?

Just water.

What is your favorite song of all time?

Nick Hagelin “Light Of The Sinkin' Sun”

When and where was the best picture of you taken?

In my video studio a couple weeks ago.

From Ron's List!

1. Where is your cell phone? Off and charging.
2. Your hair? Dark brown, curly and brushed back.
3. Your mother? Living in another state, is confusion a state?
4. Your father? Eternally enjoying and round of Johnnie Walker Red and playing pinochle with his friends.
5. Your favorite food? Mostly Cajun but I like Thai and Vietnamese.
6. Your dream last night? If I told you, it would take up most of the page and be considered x rated.
7. Your favorite drink? Water.
8. Your dream/goal? To be rich and have a smart, funny, intelligent wife to share it with.
9. What room are you in? My office at work.
10. Your hobby? Boating, music.
11. Your fear? None.
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? See # 8.
13. Where were you last night? Home.
14. Something that you aren’t? Status quo.
15. Muffins? Blueberry
16. Wish list item? See # 8.
17. Where did you grow up? All over the damn place
18. Last thing you did? Replied to a blog
19. What are you wearing? Dress slacks and a long sleeve shirt.
20. Your TV? Phillips 53 inch big screen.
21. Your pets? 1 dog named Ginger
22. Friends? A couple but entertaining more possibilities.
23. Your life? Not bad but I wish I could have done things a lot better and with less drama.
24. Your mood? Good for now.
25. Missing someone? Always
26. Vehicle? Gas drinking SUV
27. Something you’re not wearing? A wedding band.
28. Your favorite store? BJ’s
29. Your favorite color? Blue
30. When was the last time you laughed? When I read the West Virginia Surf Report
31. Last time you cried? At the end of Marley and Me
32. Your best friend? None yet
33. One place that I go to over and over? Zydeco’s
34. One person who emails me regularly? Spammers
35. Favorite place to eat? See # 33