Monday, August 17, 2009

Chapter One - Enroute to the Spider Queen

A loud crash and explosion shakes the ship violently. Explosion after explosion continue to shake the ship until there is complete silence. Derces shouts out, "What the hell happened? Get me a damage report. Did something hit us?" The sound of the ship creaking and groaning set a signal that all was not right. Warning beacons were going off as she shouted again, "Get me a damage report now. Where the hell is that maintenance chief Zester?" Daymar was busy trying get a damage assessment. He barked out, "The communications is down below D deck all the way to aft. We have lost containment in 35% of the ship. The only thing holding this rust bucket together is the fact the lower bulk heads were closed." Another violent shaking threw us all over the bridge. Derces was still shouting, "Somebody go find that damn maintenance chief and get his ass up here now!" I looked at Daymar and he was still busy trying to access the damage. "All right, I'll go find him."

I took off down the corridor to the engineering section to find the chief when another violent shake throws me against the bulkhead knocking me out. I start going into a dream state. I can hear explosions and gun fire going of all around me. Smoke fills the air and I look around. I see several faces but I know something is wrong. Most of these people were dead. They were killed in the battle for Ventaria or at least thats what I remembered. An explosion goes off near me and I am throw into the air, landing on a mound of rubble. I feel myself waking up again, and someone calling my name. "Lieutenant Bryman, Lieutenant Bryman, are you all right?" I shake my head violently and I see Daymar. "Daymar, what happened?" He stated, you almost bought it, the last one got three of the squad." I asked him, "Who do we have left?" He said, "We only have the two new recruits." I tell him, "Lets get the hell out of here before we get hit again!" Daymar agreed, "I'm with you on the LT! I shouted to the other two left, "Get your asses moving, were getting out of here." We take off through the smoke and fire to find safety. Immediately, another explosion goes off and Daymar dives for me knocking me to the ground and knocking me out.

I feel myself being shaken violently, I woke up and Zester is standing over me shaking me. "Bryman, wake up! Are you OK?" I say, "Yeah, good you came along. What happened?" He just looked at me and shrugged his soulders, "If I knew, I would be fixing it. I can't reach anyone!" I told him, "Derces wants you on the bridge pronto! Help me up!" We both head back to the bridge.


libby said...

hmmm...i'm readin', but, nothin' to say...

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